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[Guide] How to survive the early levels !

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  • [Guide] How to survive the early levels !

    I'm doing this guide for few reasons; The number one reason is to help and answer questions from my guild members more easily, and to share how I did it personally.
    I have to say before everything that I am not the best player in this game, and did not understand everything. There is a lot of good players and I still learn everyday .

    How to get past bosses you can't beat
    I did get hard times at early bosses, so here are my tips.
    1. If you can, get killua.

    Killua definitly is your best source of damage from level 1 to 40, it really is going to make everything easier, he has a strong damage and skill that makes him target the back row of the enemy team, and even if he has a very good attack, he still can have a very good defense and hp, as he is the most damage you'll have, he also is the one you'll buff the most, and he'll anyway get good HP and def from the items and advance you'll do

    2. Try to level up every character you have equally..
    That's one of the mistakes I made, that made killing hisoka quite hard, I focused too much on my killua and ponzu (my tank character) that the back row was getting killed in 1shot by hisoka back row attack. Even if your main attack character is strong, you need to have all characters at least be able to survive the fight, so when upgrading items, refining them or even codes and evolutions, try to keep all your heroes strong. And this is possible even while keeping killua ahead .

    3. Redo what you are missing in that level
    If you block at Menchi example, look at your team and determine what you need, first look at the advance level, and the shards you'll need. If you block at menchi, you can advance with your blue shard your blue heroes, if you have gon advanced 1 star and others at 0, it's a good idea to get everyone in your team to get that star missing, if you already have 1 star, you can still loot those shard, because combining them will make them instead of AGI1 AGI2, so you simply need to beat these twice more.
    Now that they have a decent star rating, look at the previous bosses that offer items you don't have (you normally need them all). You probably still have green items, with some blue and purple, if you still block at the boss (or even if you don't) you should replace your green items by the blue ones. Not only they are stronger, but you can enhance them better past 40. So if you have 3 heroes with green items, you can probably get 2 of them with blue ones ! And his leads to the next point.

    Enhancing and refining items is very important

    To get a powerful nen, I noticed that this is one of the major lead for it. Even with the stars and evolutions I have, if my items had a bad refining and enhance level I would be way far in the ranks ! Try getting your enhancing at an equal level, and try getting full sets for every characters you can. You have a small bonus for having a full blue set instead of 2 blue item and 2 green item, so if you have full blue, consider put all these one one character, even better if they all have the best set.
    Then you can first of all enhance them, but do it money wise. If you are low on the money, get 10 levels of enhancement for every items on every characters. Then increase by 10 everytime on all items. You can do this until 40 and it's still worth it (the max for green items). Then for blue items, do it too, but it's not very useful if you have a mix of blue items and green, as you have a bonus for having everything at the same cap (10 30 40 etc.).
    since the cap for green is 40, having 3 items at 50 and 1 at 40 won't give you the 50 cap bonus, therefor it's useless, try getting your characters with blue and over at 50, or 60 if you have the money, but 50 should be enough. Getting past 60 is more worth it with purple items, with blue items you'll probably replace them soon enough anyway.
    Then refining.
    Refining works like the enhancing but with 5 level caps, so for level 5, 10, 15, try to get everything to rank 5 and not over.Really, getting to 10 will cost you a lot of stones that you should keep for purple items, and getting everything to 6 or 7 won't be useful, so get everything to 5 when you can.
    Then comes codes
    Codes are useful too to get a better combat power too, so get the better codes you can and upg them like the refining system, get them to the level 5 cap until you maxed them all then go over it to 10 with the purple codes

    Which heroes to use
    There is no strict rules about hero to use, simply that purple heroes will alway be better than blue heroes, and replace them in a good order, and when you do level them up to the max level, and advance them when you can. The only thing I say would be to keep your leo as he will be your only source of heal until you reach VIP4. At VIP 4 you can choose between 3 characters and I suggest changing your leo for the better healer. Most teams before 40 I saw had that character too, and therefore made a 5 purple team. I've seen some teams without healer, but I do think having one is useful, that's why I changed my leo last. Then when you can, you can make that 5 purple team as it's the best you can have : killua, ponzu, tonpa, pokkle, and one of the 3 VIP4 heroes, but when I'm asked for which hero to trade when you get a purple, just go in order of the strongest, while keeping leo last, there is one of you heroes that will have the lesser NEN so get that one to be traded with a purple !

    Besides that

    Try to do everything you can, as I said there is a lot of content in the game, do the ladder, sky tower, world boss to get 500k damage at least, join a guild and donate to get enough points for learning skills and buying useful items... When having enough blue diamonds consider buying the first 2 packs for 2 and 3 stars on purple heroes, when spending on summoning try to keep the most blue points to convert them in purple, and then buy the purple hero you need, spend your points that you have in the different shops for what you really need at that moment, to this point I cant tell you to focus on buying one thing, as I personally bought just what I needed, when it was stars I got what I needed for that, when it was refining or enhancing same thing !
    Do everything you can to use every stamina you have before the reset, as every level in the story gives you 60 exp, that can be what you need to get a level up and reach what you need, maybe is it the level 35 for evolution system, or will it be for codes, or refining ! When you get access to these your nen increase a lot, and then you simply can defeat the boss, or get closer to it. Do all the quests you can so you get the most EXP everyday too !

    Now I probably forgot a lot of things, I'll add everything I can everytime I'm being asked something or learn something new hehe. Hope it'll help some people, maybe i'll have to talk more about few things, but as I am still learning too it'll maybe wait few days .

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    How to change deployed hero?


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      Originally posted by squizer View Post
      How to change deployed hero?

      Bottom left for the way they are in fight, front row / back row, and middle bottom there is change, when you have a better hero


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        Question, what is the max level you can reach in just 7days if you are not vip user? because right now im only lvl 45 and i need to get everything in 7days event (the diamond reward )


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          i know this is probably a dumb questio0n but how does a guild level up? my friend and i started a guild and now we have a bunch more people in it but we dont wanna lose them if we aren't leveling up and doing what we are suppose to, to advance the guild


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            Originally posted by pwnzinc View Post
            i know this is probably a dumb questio0n but how does a guild level up? my friend and i started a guild and now we have a bunch more people in it but we dont wanna lose them if we aren't leveling up and doing what we are suppose to, to advance the guild
            You lvl up your guild by donations.


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              how to remove heroes in your line up coz im planning to use 3 heroes only.......


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                What if you can't get VIP4 what then?


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                  Originally posted by painpacker View Post
                  What if you can't get VIP4 what then?
                  You'll get neon later anyway with sumonning, it's just that having on of those 3 at vip 4 is quite useful, but not needed ! a lot of people didn't need VIP to get far
                  Originally posted by quatro View Post
                  how to remove heroes in your line up coz im planning to use 3 heroes only.......
                  I think it's simply not possible


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                    Hmm... Should i rebirth my old character to lvl up the new ones?


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                      Originally posted by huuesly12 View Post
                      Hmm... Should i rebirth my old character to lvl up the new ones?
                      Only reason to rebirth is if you want to keep the base hero, otherwise you get all of the resources back doing both rebirth and split